The way we are building our homes, our neighbourhoods, our cities and inhabiting the land is wrong. Through careless, greedy and patriarchal approaches to property development, we’ve been dominating the Earth vs. honouring the Earth

The nature spirits are urging me to speak on their behalf. 

Gaia, our Mother and Earth Spirit, is going through an incredible birthing process right now. She sees this as a great opportunity for us to completely transform the way we relate to the land. But, she needs our support and she needs us to listen. 

Gaia wants to be actively involved in the building of our new world! 

What could this look like?  


Imagine a beautiful world flowing with abundance, rich with sweet nectars and fruits, where birds are singing, where children are laughing and playing outside in nature amongst buildings that breathe like plants and gardens filled with nourishing food and fountains of paradise! 

What would our homes, communities, cities look like if they were transformed into healing sanctuaries in partnership with Mother Nature? 

This circle of wise experts will help us answer these questions...

Meet the Circle of Energetic Design Experts

They've devoted their lives to working in partnership with Nature and will reveal the keys to building healing sanctuaries for our future

Åsa Andersson

September 4, 9am EST / 4pm Istanbul

Åsa Andersson

Conceptual Artist, Traditional Healer, Shamanic Landscaper & Arctic Alchemist, CEO Planet Saivo

Åsa Andersson is a conceptual artist, storyteller, and traditional healer based in Kiruna, Swedish Sapmi. Her main interests are working with the place-voice of nature and reconnecting the inner human nature with the outer in order to balance and heal relationships and communication with the earth. Her platform is the 3 cultures of Sapmi and Tornedalian (Torne Valley) and the arctic nature. In contrast with colonialism, modernity and extractive green industry created environmental disasters and severe place loss. How to rethink this relationship?     

Åsa studied typography, graphic design, landscaping, psychology, rhetoric, dreams, and healing arts of traditional Chinese medicines, European- and north Scandinavian/Sami- and Finnish traditional healing practices.

Karen Crowley-Susani

September 5, 9am EST / 4pm Istanbul

Karen Crowley-Susani

Author and Energetic Geometry Expert, Co-Founder of Energetic Geometry

Karen's life's passion revolves around mastering and revealing the secrets of the Master Builders. She co-founded Energetic Geometry and wears multiple hats as a teacher, tour guide, author, and creator of energetic sacred spaces. With a background as a former Air Force and airline pilot, her life's direction shifted when she became a mother, driven by her desire to provide a healthy environment for her children. 

Karen is resolute in her mission to share this age-old wisdom, offering remedies for the toxic energies that pervade our modern world and introducing harmony into households. Another of her passions lies in sharing the revitalizing energies of sacred sites with others. As a dedicated tour guide, Karen introduces a distinctive perspective – she illustrates how the energetic interplay of solar geometry and earth energies at sacred sites can elevate one's vibration, opening and aligning chakras. Her journey is now all about bringing ancient knowledge to light and fostering healing energies in our lives.

Rachel Larraine

September 6, 9am EST / 4pm Istanbul

Rachel Larraine

Holistic Interior Designer, Reiki Master, Feng Shui Practitioner, Energy Healer & Founder of Design Coven

Committed to empowering others by teaching modalities that support connection to intuition, Rachel hosts workshops and retreats focused on the ancient practices of Feng Shui, Tarot, crystals, herbs and oils, ritual and ceremony, astrology and metaphysics — in addition to live and virtual new moon and full moon circles. 

Rachel also lends her harmonious and balancing acumen to the creation of energetically aligned spaces through Holistic Interior Design. Since earning her Associates Degree and Certificate in Interior Design 2005, she has created and collaborated on a multitude of award-winning residential and commercial spaces, including Realm of the 52 Remedies (with Onairos Design), all while becoming certified in Classical Flying Stars Feng Shui through the International School of Feng Shui (2015), studying the practices of Land Healing, Ritual, and Ceremony under Amanda Sophia & Alex Stark in Ireland, and with "House Whisperer," Christian Kyriacou.

Rachel's work has been featured in several exhibitions, including KAABOO, a music, comedy, culinary and art festival held in Del Mar, CA, where as part of an experiential art installation by Carly Ealey and Madeleine Tonzi, she created a crystal grid below the piece, clearing the participating auras before entering the installation. Her designs have been published in San Diego Home/Garden Lifestyles, Modern Luxury Magazine, San Diego Magazine, Exquisite Weddings, Style & Decor and Serendipity Magazine.

Sue Holmes_circle

September 7, 9am EST / 4pm Istanbul

Sue Holmes

Shamanic Healer, Geomancer, Teacher, Space Clearing & Feng Shui Consultant

Sue Holmes is world-renowned healer, teacher, ceremonialist & mentor. She brings the inspiration of her personal transformation; experience of countless healing ceremonies from several cultures, tribes and traditions from around the world and nearly 30 years as a healer, teacher & consultant. Sue is known for her ability to weave shamanic skills and profound transformation with deep humanity, playfulness and humour. Originally from the UK, Sue now lives in Sintra, Portugal. She is a seeker of truth, a singer-songwriter and best-selling author.


September 8, 9am EST / 4pm Istanbul

Valentina Cereda

Integrative Architect, Founder of Energy & Space

Valentina Cereda is a wellness architect, building biologists, feng shui specialist, land energy dowser and the founder of Energy & Space, a wellbeing design studio that integrates ancient teachings and contemporary sciences with architectural and design principles, to create healing environments that align to the frequencies of nature and  enhance physical, mental, and spiritual health, while regenerating the Earth. Advisor at the Global Wellness Institute, her passion is to harmonize the places she designs with the people that occupy them, going beyond aesthetics to deliver conscious and meaningful experiences that enrich people and the planet.



September 9, 11:30am EST / 6:30pm Istanbul

Doreya Karim

Building Biologist, BioGeometry Designer, Director of BioGeometry Energy Systems

Doreya leads BioGeometry research and development, curriculum, design and product development.  She has had the opportunity to apply BioGeometry solutions in numerous fields such as regional environmental electro-smog solutions, architecture and industrial design, music, animal farming and agriculture and serves as co-director of the design department.  These applications’ main goal is to utilize the subtle energy of shapes to create environments that promote well-being by balancing the effect of all environmental stimuli on the body.  Since she started teaching in 2015, Doreya has conducted over 35 training in 8 countries.

Sandy Humby NEW_Headshot_transparent background

September 10, 9am EST / 4pm Istanbul

Sandy Humby 

Energy & Space Alchemist, Founder of Rose Alchemy 

In her Space Alchemy Consultations, Sandy works with clients and their homes and business premises to clear imbalances and the residue stories of the past. To activate a high frequency heart centered energy field which opens up a new, clear and abundant future potential for life, love and prosperity as we walk together and vision a new way of being and expression on the Earth. Sandy lives and works in New Forest in Hampshire, Uk with her 2 children and grandchildren close by.  She is a natural intuitive and empath with an enduring passion and curiosity for the Sacred, Alchemical and Mystical in Life.

Olga Naiman (1)

September 11, 9am EST / 4pm Istanbul

Olga Naiman

Interior Designer & Founder of Spatial Alchemy

Founded by stylist and interior designer Olga Naiman, Spatial Alchemy is an integration of interior design with principles of human transformation. Its mission is to unite psyche, body and home for the purpose of self-realization. After getting a Bachelor’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from Tufts University, Naiman decided to explore all strata of alternative healing & transformation—for the past 20 years, she has worked with shamans, healers, coaches, plant medicine, meditation, tantra and chi gong with great personal results. Simultaneously, her design career was flourishing. She was a residential and commercial interior designer as well as an interior stylist for editorial, advertising and catalog. Her apartments were featured in Vogue and Domino Magazine with clients ranging from Elle Decor to Oscar de la Renta. Naiman realized that while spaces could be exquisite, if a deeper understanding of the inhabitant wasn’t addressed, their potency would be limited. When she started integrating her two disciplines, interior design and personal transformation, she began to see her clients step into their goals at an accelerated pace. This led her to formulate a system that blends psychology, manifestation and interior design.

  • The Living Locus

    “Thank you Aisha…for sharing such beautiful souls with the World – it is needed. The one thing I came away with is to continue sharing the wisdom and knowledge you and others expose us to. Every one of us needs to step up and share our own wisdom and knowledge with our community in order to stem fear and depression, and instead, bring joy and laughter int our own little circle of a sanctuary…
    In love and joy.”

    San Francisco, CA, USA

  • The Living Locus

    “Dear Aisha!
    Thank-you for your effort and dedication in creating the Sacred Blueprint. It is inspiring to follow your work and passion for the new world! It has been lovely seeing you and encounter your enthusiasm every day for over a week. ”


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    “Thank you so much Aisha…for hosting such an amazing, nourishing and noble series with such honourable guests. Your beautiful smile and presence was a joy I looked forward to each day. ”


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    “Thank you Aisha Rose Melodie!
    I have so enjoyed this program series and of course your lovely encouraging and wise presence in my living room. It has been so nice to get your messages repeatedly every day! Once again thank you so much! ”


  • The Living Locus

    “Thank you so much Aisha, for doing these interviews!

    This series has inspired me to try to work more with the natural beings of the land in constellation work – tree beings, stone beings and devas. I am sure it will work! Very warm greetings from a grateful me.”

    The Hague, Holland

  • The Living Locus

    “Dear Aisha, I would like to thank you very much for having organized and giving us the opportunity to get these wonderful insights in the work of all these wonderful speakers. Thank you very much again for the gift you gave us and hopefully we all will meet again in a follow-up session. ”

    Uster, Switzerland

  • The Living Locus

    “Dear Aisha Rose,

    Thank you so much for this great opportunity to “meet” these amazing personalities! In these very special times, where the light and the dark are so intense requesting our consciousness (!) it was such a gift to get all these impulses.

    Your closing ceremony – WOW! – touched me deeply – thank you so much. ”

    Basel, Switzerland

  • The Living Locus

    “Dear Aisha,

    I want to thank you from the deepest of my heart that you brought together so many inspiring, great speakers in your interview series, giving glimpses of insights into their deep wisdom.

    You chose so wisely and I am happy to have found this exceptional interview series.

    Thank you so much for your efforts to set it up! You have done an “awesome job” 😊!”

    Munich, Germany

Meet Your Host...

Aisha R M Hassan_Headshot_transparent background

Hi, I'm Aisha Rose Melodie Hassan

After 20 + years of pouring my love into teaching and practicing architecture internationally and successfully working with land energetics, I’ve discovered how to design beautiful properties that bring vibrant health & wealth to my clients and this planet.

My signature system, The Sacred Blueprint™, has touched 1000+ architects & property owners in less than 2 years. I’m a sought-after expert, the only one in my field providing high-touch coaching for women architects & designers on how to partner with Nature’s energy to create homes, communities, gardens, and cities of the future.

After a successful career in conventional architecture, I was miserable and depleted. Not only that, I could see the limits of the old paradigm and how they were a detriment to our Mother Earth. I listened to my inner call, took the big leap, and quit my job to revolutionize a new way. Now, I’m passionately living my mission, leading a flourishing business and sooo lit up about the work I get to do everyday!

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Geometric Models is honored to be sponsoring this series and gives a big thank you to Aisha Rose Melodie Hassan for both inviting brilliant speakers to this conference and imparting invaluable knowledge to others. Since geometry is omnipresent in mother nature (from the spirals of the galaxies, to pine cones, sun flowers, honeycombs to the structure of subatomic particles and molecules) Geometric Models has been devoting its efforts to improving the understanding of geometry through its unique tools that enhance perception and visualization of this occurrence.

Join us to start building your new earth sanctuary with Gaia!